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:spotlight-left: ~ Welcome one and all to the Cityscapes & Skylines Club ~ :spotlight-right:

Club Notices:

:bulletred: If you or a fellow member receive a Daily Deviation please let us know, so when can congratulate them!!

:bulletred: Don't forget if you see any "Cityscape & Skylines" Stock Images or Tutorials please let us know and we will add them to our resource page(s).

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St. Valentines Day Feature

Paris has long been known as the City of Love, and with good reason. It is a place full of beauty, from the winding Seine river reflecting the city lights to the Sacre Coeur Cathedral perched upon the hill and the iconic Eiffel Tower that distinguishes its famous skyline. Even the classic rooftops inspire a feeling of romance among visitors and inhabitants alike. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite romantic spots and things to do in Paris. Whether you are a foodie, movie buff, hopeless wanderer, or just someone who enjoys spending a relaxing night at home, Paris has something to offer.

Written by Sarah Raymond…

:bulletblue::bulletblue: :+fav: Available as a News Article.

Paris by P11K
Paris by ton3
Paris City by Hamrani
Paris by mittbrukernavnerMIMI
Paris by Arwen2oo7
An Artists Dream: Paris by aninyosaloh
Paris at Night by dealived
Once upon a time ... Paris by clapyourfingers
Paris by clapyourfingers
One Night in Paris I by Dr007
Rainy Paris by deadst4r
Paris Cityscape by kpavlis
Paris Sacre Coeur by oabbasov
Paris from the Eiffel Tower by BenHeine
Paris I by MCG0603
Paris 5 by PhoeniX252
Paris 13 HDR Skyline Colour 2 by kaspa3k
Paris 2007 by Finvara
Paris Non Hostile 2 by Rough-Rude-Raw
In Love in Paris by MagicWorld
Paris by Sybil1902
Paris II by aniutkaa
Flying Over Paris by keereekoo
Paris at Night by amrodel
XII by ambrosia3Paris je't aime by Rona-Keller
Evening in Paris by P11K
montmartre by muszka
City of Love by Nullermanden
Streets of Paris by Faddoush
Paris J'et Aime by elusive-art
Paris HDR by onicomicosis
Paris View by xPorcelainHeartx
The City of Love by Scarlett1313


:bulletred: Super Group Donation:

As you may have noticed, the Group is no longer a Super Group. We are currently working on setting up a donation pool for those of you who would like to donate points toward a club subscription.

To those who donate we will feature 3 of your deviations for a month.

To anyone who purchases the Group a full subscription we will feature you in our shoutboard until the subsciption runs out.


:bulletred: In Need of Moderators

The Group is need of dedicated Moderators who are available to help with the following:

:pointr: Journals
:pointr: News Articles
:pointr: Fearures
:pointr: Polls
:pointr: Group Twitter Account
:pointr: General Group Maintance

:note: If you are interested in applying for a Contributors position, please send the club a note with the title "Moderator".

:note: If you have any questions please feel free to ask us.


:bulletred: In Need of Contributers

The Group is need of dedicated Contributors who are willing to search deviantART for resources to aid our members and watchers. We are looking for Contributors who are willing to help out with the following:

:pointr: Stock Images
:pointr: Tutorials
:pointr: Software & Software Resources
:pointr: Add-Ons
:pointr: Extensions
:pointr: deviantART Extensions
:pointr: Misc. (other resources and tips that may be helpful to members)

:note: If you are interested in applying for a Contributors position, please send the club a note with the title "Contributor".

:note: If you have any questions please feel free to ask us.


:bulletred: Past Administrators:

Artistic Director: meekadog12
Message Centre: engridearty
+Fav Notes: engridearty

:bulletred: Past & Present Group Art:

Avatar: lazdude
ID: mydigitalmind

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CSS Header: foureyestock
CSS Layout: Jamaal10
Gallery CCS: nokari
Avatar: mydigitalmind
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