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Fireworks Feature + Club Construction.

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 7, 2010, 7:06 AM

Club Notices:

:pointr: If you or a fellow member receive a Daily Deviation please let us know, so when can congratulate them!!

:pointr: Don't forget if you see any "Cityscape & Skylines" Stock Images or Tutorials please let us know and we will add them to our resource page(s).

:pointr: If you are an admin of a club or know any clubs that we are not yet affiliated with please let us know and we will get in contact with them.

:pointr: If you know of any other important things we have missed or if you are in need of a little help, please let us know about it!!



The club now has a Twitter account. Please feel free to add us, so you can keep up to date with what's going on at the club!!

We Are Now Officially A Group.

:bulletred: If you were previously a Member of the club you will need to re-join.

:bulletred: A guide to joining the group can be found here:…

:bulletred: The new submission rules can now be found here:…

:target: If you would like to become a Moderator at the club please send us a note. If you have any previous experience please include it in the note.

:bulletwhite: If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Group Construction.

The Group is currently under going extensive construction to update our Affiliates Page, Tutorial Page and Stock Page. In addition to these pages, we will be adding a Software Page</a> and Add-On and Extensions Page. If you have any or know of resources that would helpful to the members and visitors of this club, please let us know.

The gallery's and folders's are also under construction, with CSS being added to each.

We apologise for any inconveniences that may arise from the construction currently underway.

Contributors Wanted.

The Group is need of dedicated Contributors who are willing to search deviantART for resources to aid our members and watchers. We are looking for Contributors who are willing to help out with the following

:pointr: Stock Images
:pointr: Tutorials
:pointr: Software & Software Resources
:pointr: Add-Ons
:pointr: Extensions
:pointr: deviantART Extensions
:pointr: Misc. (other resources and tips that may be helpful to members)

:bulletred: If you are interested in applying for a Contributors position, please send the club a note with the title "Contributor".

If you have any questions please feel free to ask us.

New Year's Eve Fireworks.

Crowded by inyika   by inyika

Happy new year by Thornserpent   by Thornserpent

Hawaii Newyears by Logixal   by Logixal

NYE Fireworks by icbreeze   by icbreeze

101 Taiwan Up by dabiga   by dabiga

New Years Eve 2009 by dwang026   by dwang026

fireworks1 by lilyanadjunaidi   by lilyanadjunaidi

fireworks3 by lilyanadjunaidi   by lilyanadjunaidi

fireworks by lilyanadjunaidi   by lilyanadjunaidi

new year's eve by jul35   by lilyanadjunaidi

Zagreb new year fireworks by Flyx   by lilyanadjunaidi

Greetings from Sydney by Rems84   by Rems84

Portland Fireworks 1 by niel4   by niel4

Portland Fireworks 2 by niel4   by niel4

Portland Fireworks 3 by niel4   by niel4

Portland Fireworks 4 by niel4   by niel4

Portland Fireworks 5 by niel4   by niel4

Portland Fireworks 6 by niel4   by niel4

Portland Fireworks 7 by niel4   by niel4

Fireworks Over Town by Yak-Blithering   by Yak-Blithering

Illuminating The Night Sky by thaowurr   by thaowurr

:thumb128440677:   by Beardofzeuser

New years 2009 by MaxiKana   by MaxiKana

new years eve 2009 by darkochan   by darkochan

Svolvaer 2009-2010 by Neverchangingenigma   by Neverchangingenigma

Fireworks at midnight 06 by LadyCzarna   by LadyCzarna

thumb108095883:   by LadyCzarna

Fireworks at midnight 08 by LadyCzarna   by LadyCzarna

Fireworks at midnight 09 by LadyCzarna   by LadyCzarna

Fireworks at midnight 10 by LadyCzarna   by LadyCzarna

The great Fireworks by tragedyCore   by tragedyCore

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+Fav Notes: **katt-25
Gallery: **katt-25
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CSS Layout: Jamaal10
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Avatar: mydigitalmind
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Past Administrators:

Artistic Director meekadog12
Message Centre: engridearty
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dAc Clubs Stamp by deviantARTcommunity Earth Hour by Mystxx Earth Day Stamp by BLUE-F0X
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i just had a DD, but it's horror & macabre:

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February 7, 2010