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Contest Closed - Voting Open.

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 22, 2008, 4:56 AM

Cityscape Night Shots Contest:

A big thank you to everyone who participated and donated prizes in our "Cityscape Night Shot Contest", it was a huge succes :hug:


Voting opens:
April 22nd - May 2nd, 2008.

:pointr: Voting is open MEMBERS ONLY!!!
:pointr: Each member may vote for the 3 entries they like most.
:pointr: You may not vote for yourself.
:pointr: To vote simply send a NOTE like the example given below:

Subject: Contest Vote.
Body:  1. (list entry number here)
          2. (list entry number here)
          3. (list entry number here)

Contest Entries:

#1 A Symphony of Light by W0LLE by W0LLE

# 2 Singapur Skyline B_W by W0LLE by W0LLE

#3 25 April Bridge by goucha by goucha

#4 Margem Sul by goucha by goucha

#5 :thumb59918547: by deathly-stillness

#6 Memories are gone... by deathly-stillness by deathly-stillness

#7 South East by cacodemonic by cacodemonic

#8 California Dreaming by JoeBostonPhotography by JoeBostonPhotography

#9 Postcard Perfect by JoeBostonPhotography by JoeBostonPhotography

#10 angelical evil by vxside by vxside

#11 between past and present by vxside by vxside

#12 Epcot's France--Color by legs1357 by legs1357

#13 The Boardwalk by legs1357 by legs1357

#14 Electric Skyline by G-FLIP by G-FLIP

#15 Kite Flight 8 by G-FLIP by G-FLIP

#16 :thumb57621536: by jadhav

#17 by DarkShadow1425

#18 2007-07-19 at 18-37-20 by ryangolla by ryangolla

#19 2007-05-19 at 20-21-25 by ryangolla by ryangolla

#20 Cascais by Night by CuriousCorn by CuriousCorn

#21 Frankfurt hdr by donk00085 by donk00085

#22 Amsterdam church by donk00085 by donk00085

#23 Seattle Skyline 2 by rayt by rayt

#24 Twisted Cities -L- by SilentEchoDesigns  by SilentEchoDesigns

#25 Brooklyn Bridge HDRI by SilentEchoDesigns by SilentEchoDesigns

#26 Reaching for the stars by svarci by svarci

#27 Rising high by svarci by svarci

#28 Stars of Athena by vejuzchill by vejuzchill

#29 Gellert moon by bandesz99 by bandesz99

#30 Budapest Panorama by bandesz99 by bandesz99

#31 Birgu - Malta by Cigarru by Cigarru

#32 Bighi - Kalkara - Malta by Cigarru by Cigarru

#33 :thumb79333311: by enyodanis

#34 :thumb76482867: by tiago13pereira

#35 When the night comes by Amersill by Amersill

#36 Lay me down to sleep by Amersill by Amersill

#37 radeberger pilsner by Dave-Derbis by Dave-Derbis

#38 theaterplatz dresden by Dave-Derbis by Dave-Derbis

#39 Rathaus from Strzemiecin by jcakov by jcakov

#40 Chelminska entlang by jcakov by jcakov

#41 B R A S O V by obiectivArt by obiectivArt

#42 :thumb64652471: by obiectivArt

#43 :thumb56446773: by katt-25

#44 :thumb56680829: by katt-25

#45 City Across the Sea by VempireM by VempireM

#46 Sin City by AoixAki by AoixAki

#47 barrakka ta fuq by gordonbonello by gordonbonello

#48 birgu 2 by gordonbonello by gordonbonello

#49 :thumb67579751: by Iluminatti

#50 :thumb44896859: by Iluminatti

#51 :thumb72473508: by Physalyidae

#52 Nightly reflections by barninga by barninga

#53 Turin - 11 by barninga by barninga

#54 Baseball field at night by Nudelbutt by Nudelbutt

#55 nite pete by dale427 by dale427

#56 Las Vegas fountaines by sandor-laza by sandor-laza

#57 Night Lights I by TrollDuNord by TrollDuNord

#58 moon light by Fry350 by Fry350

#59 Athens Skyline by vejuzchill by vejuzchill

#60 B R A S O V by obiectivArt by obiectivArt

#61 :thumb82027641: by obiectivArt

#62 Unlimited Possibilities by TreiNonCulori by TreiNonCulori

#63 Watching over Cluj by TreiNonCulori by TreiNonCulori

#64 Yarrah River by lost-in-burnie by lost-in-burnie

#65 The London Eye and the Thames by eyethrough by eyethrough

#66 :thumb83122865: by versscurt

#67 KL by night by baboletale   by baboletale

#68 Luminale 08 - Frankfurt IV by Riot23 by Riot23

#69 :thumb78005990: by petexner

#70 :thumb71203405: by BOsKiKroKodyL

#71 city lights by BOsKiKroKodyL by BOsKiKroKodyL

#72 by Tuatha-De-Dannan

#73 Moon II by Patual by Patual

#74 Dark by Patual by Patual


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Riot23 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2008  Professional Photographer
There is something wrong on my picture (#68)
The link to my profile page behind the picture is incorrect and not working...

It should be "Riot23" ... but instead there's ":devRiot25:" ...
Could someone please correct it?
Thx! :)

Cityscapes-Club Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2008
Our apologies :hug:

It has been corrected, thank you for letting us know ;)

Goodluck :clap:
baboletale Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
will we see the votes while voting process is still on?
Cityscapes-Club Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2008
No, sorry.

We don't want to spoil the suprise ;)
lost-in-burnie Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2008
i'm guessing not since it's sending a note to them. I like that idea! Hate seeing people rallying ther friends to vote for them case they're 3 points down in comps just so they can win. It should be purely on merit :)
baboletale Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
you're right
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